Friday, December 3, 2010

God will not give you more than you can handle

I have heard that my whole life--God not give you more than you can handle. Wow, is that completely wrong. I have to say I almost bought it until I buried my little girl. THAT is definitely more than I can handle. Living a life without my Abigail is FAR more than I am capable of. Christmas shopping and not buying presents for one of my children is not in my capabilities. I am not debating theology here, but we are not promised to be given no more than we can handle. No, we are promised to be given no more than He can handle. God's glory is not shown through us being tough and strong, but rather through our weakness.

I am the first to admit I am weak. I am quite a sap under the best circumstances. Ask my husband, I over-analyze and I worry and I cry. A lot. I am not the one to be brave and confront someone over an issue. As you all know, I even have a fear of phone calls. Text me anytime, but just know I am not likely to call you-ha! In short, I am quite a wimp. No, strong is not a word I would use.

However, my God is strong. He sustains me. When I feel like I can't draw another breath without my Abigail, He breathes for me. He reminds me gently (ok, sometimes, not so gently), that I am still blessed. That I still have work to be done. That I have others that need me. I survive because He carries me. Many times I lack the ability and the desire to continue, but He is strong. Any strength you see in me is only to the glory of God.

So, no, you might face things in life that are more than you can handle. Believe me, this is FAR more than I can handle. You know I won't lie to you about how unbearable this is. We are not promised ease. But we are promised that He will be with us. And He is. My comforter. My friend. The keeper of my baby girl--unitl it is my time to be with her again.


  1. ((hugs)) i agree. this is far more than i can handle too. and it sucks. plain and simple.

    i did want to take some time to tell you that i gave you a blog award. you can check out my last post to see it. know that you don't have to play along if you don't want. but it was my way of saying how much i appreciate you being with me in this time of sorrow.

  2. I hate that comment too. There's no way I could handle this on my own. Sometimes I feel like I can't even handle it with HIS help.