Friday, January 6, 2012


My sweet baby Eli, what can I say about him? First of all, his blond curls slay me. If that chubby baby gives me his cute grin and shakes those curls at me, I'm pretty much butter. He is loud, opinionated, and so irrististably cute. He loves to give kisses, cuddle, and is very smart. I love my little surprise baby. He runs the show around here, as long as Grace lets him.

I can see Abigail kissing on him that last morning and I ache to know how they would interact now. I imagine a lot of head butting and arguing, lol.

In March, my baby boy will be older than his big sister. That is so painful. I don't know how I will get past that day. I am so proud of him and I love watching his little personality blossom, but I dread him passing her. It seems so final. I know that is insane. She will have been gone 2 years, but once she is pushed out of her place in the birth just seems so wrong.

So my sweet, chubby, chewable Eli, I love you. I adore you. And I can't get enough of your squishy love. I am so thankful I have you, and I promise I will cherish every day with you no matter how much trouble you get in or how loud you are.


  1. oh!! aine and her brother in law!! love love love. i love him. so much.

    i ache when i think about what is coming and what is no more. i am so sorry. always holding you so close.

  2. i thought of the date approaching the other night, because of Owen's turning 2 just before him. it is going to be so hard to see these babies older than abigail, but i'm so grateful they're here.

  3. Oh my, is he precious! Love this!

  4. You know I love me some Eli! I've been thinking about his birthday coming up, knowing soon he'll be older than his big sis. It hurts my heart, I know it is beyond expression for you. Love you.

  5. I totally get it! You are precious! I think of you all of the time! <3 jenny