Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have been told repeatedly to start a blog. I don't know that I have time, but this is something I need to do for me and for Abigail, so here it is. I plan to use this space to talk through the thoughts in my head, to discuss those things I am passionate about, and to remember my baby girl. I expect this will get quite personal sometimes. Maybe someone will learn something. Maybe someone starting their grief journey will find encouragement or sympathy. Maybe someone looking to homechool will find support. Maybe someone with lots of little blessings, or even a few little blessings, will be re-energized. Or maybe none of those things will happen. Even if nothing comes of it, this is my attempt to lay down the thoughts battling in my head on many issues. Feel free to comment, discuss, or contact me if I can help. I love to help if I can.


  1. You are a gift to those who homeschool, parent and to those who grieve. Oh how I wish you did not know the pain of grief! I am hoping you find time for this, as you need to speak what God has laid upon your heart!

    Blessings, Dear Friend!!

    Melodye aka MorningSong

  2. I love ur new blogspot. I did not realize u were the jack of so many trades. You are such an amazing woman. Never knew you helped host families. My parents did that when I was a child. We had a teenager from France. Such a great experience. Do u sleep??? So happy u have a page now!!!

  3. Neat about your exchange student as a kid Sharla! I love hosting and working with the students I place. I have 5 students in the area this year--2 from Norway, 1 Italian, 1 Danish, and 1 German. It has been a few years since we have hosted, but we plan to again before too much longer.

  4. I am always a big fan of all your endeavors Brandy, and I can not say that I am happy about how this came about. But you are my hero in so many ways and I trust that each post will bring our journey as friends closer. With each message you write, I will enjoy learning more about you♥.