Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On to the last step!

Today we had our first embassy appointment and medicals for the the kids. Tomorrow is the last step before we can go home! Pray this step goes off without a hitch and we can get on a plane early early thursday morning. We are so incredibly thankful the whole process has gone so quickly. Adoption is stressful enough without the added stress of problems arising that so many people have to deal with.

The plan is to be picked up at 3 am (Ahhh!) on Thursday morning. We will be traveling a long long time with kids who have only seen the outside world for a few days now and a baby that is awfully fond of screeching right now. But we can not wait.

I can not wait to see my boys at home and to introduce Samuel to his 2 new siblings. I can't wait to show these kids their home, and their dog, and their clothes, and their very own machina (car).

It will be an exhausting trip but we are just ready to get on with it and past it.

Tomorrow we will take Anna Faith to see a little bit more of this city before we leave. She really wants to see inside one of the beautiful churches and ride the metro. At 2, we go to our appointment at the embassy. Then we will come back to the apartment and pack and clean and get ready. Can you tell I'm excited? We will be home just in time for Ira Grace's 4th birthday on the 12th.

And please pray for us to have peace as well. Being exhausted and sleep deprived makes dealing with grief that much harder. I am missing my Abigail something desperate.


  1. Praying for you


  2. Oh, that last sentence put me right in tears. I am hurting with you Brandy. Praying for energy to keep a positive outlook on life and with each other.

  3. Praying you through, dear sister. Big events make us miss our little ones all the more. I can only imagine how torn your can be at times. Keep choosing joy. :) Praising God for all your sweet blessings today!

  4. thinking and praying for you guys!! hugs!!
    have fun tomorrow cause thursday will be hard, no way around it. But remember it means you are almost HOME!!!

  5. Zane just prayed at supper for you to be comforted and have peace. <3 We have not forgotten! Can't wait til y'all are home!!! xoxo

  6. Brandy,I am praying for God to sustain you each moment, and I know this is a prayer He is faithful to answer. I am so sorry.

  7. Sweet Brandy, I cannot wait for you to get home and will be praying for safety, energy and no "bumps" on your journey. Also, I know when your family is all together you will still be missing a piece of the puzzle...we ALL remember that little brown eyed rascal in the pink tutu and footed jammies holding her valentines chocolate. :) I am glad for you it's this summer and not last summer though. Some sweet with the sad. Can't wait to see your babies with you.

  8. Praying for you this morning.

  9. You don't know me, but I LOVE reading your blog... I cry every time I read it. Tears of joy and also of empathy. Thank you so much for sharing your heart through your grief, and for all the little stories of bringing your precious new kiddos home.