Monday, May 9, 2011


I forgot to add a couple of details of our day yesterday. First of all, our adorable summer cottage had an outhouse. And a shower in the basement next to an empty tiny indoor pool. Good times. Second of all, our driver's dad was apparantly some important guy in the KGB. It was beyond fascinating to hear his take on current politics in this part of the world. We also went to visit his friend who is a iconographer and we were able to see some of his work. And I loved his mother. She just didn't believe me that I don't understand and keep motioning me to follow her so she could tell me all kinds of things. It was a very warm welcome to this country in a way only they could have done it.

Today has been slow and relaxed. We are supposed to take a tour of the capital this evening and then hopefully sleep well before our appointment tomorrow.

I promised lots of pictures (and even of normal, every day things right Kathy?) so here they are!
At the airport

On the plane

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  1. I didn't realize you were traveling so soon! Amazing! On my knees.... :)