Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bead for Life-necklaces

These are the most gorgeous handmade beads and jewelry. I will be hosting a party so that you can come in person to check out the beads and purchase at that time, or you can purchase here on my blog. All purchases will benefit both the Bead for Life ministry and our adoptions. Bead for life is an organization which "creates sustainable opportunies for women to life their families out of extreme poverty." Win-Win!

I am going to post some examples of each style. I have quite a variety of colors, so if you find a style you like, but don't see a color you like, email me and I will send you more pictures of what you are looking for. These also look great layered up--long and short of the same style.

To purchase any of these items, email me at and specify style and color. I am happy to ship them to you if you are not local or meet you to deliver if you are close. Thanks for looking!

Single Short necklace-$15
These are equal sized beads of similar color on each strand and are about 18 inches long. There are some that are a little chunkier in bead size than others, but all are mostly medium sized beads

Single Long necklaces-$20
These are just like the shorter necklaces above, but are about 38 inches.

Katogo Short Necklaces-$15These necklaces are about 18 inches long. They have small beads at a variety of sizes and colors on each strand.

Katogo Long Necklaces-$20
The style is the same as the shorter katogo necklaces, but they are 36-44 inches long.

3-Strand Necklaces-$25
Each of these necklaces has 3 attached strands and measure about 18 inches. The beads are equal in size and match in color for the whole of each necklace. The beads are small sized.

Madaala Necklaces-$30
These necklaces area bout 21 inches long and are very chunky. The beads build in size and are large in the middle, smaller on both ends. The colors are beautiful on these necklaces.


  1. I definitely want to buy one of the single strand one color ones. How do I do this?

  2. Email me Molly and let me know which color. I can mail it to you. You can paypal through my button. Thanks!