Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bead for Life-Bracelets

The colors for these are brighter than they are showing up on my camera. I can find bracelets to match most of the necklace colors (see below for the necklaces!!), so if you want a matching set, let me know. to order

Bangle Bracelets-$7
Beautiful bracelets with lots of colors available. The beads are medium and equal in color and size throughout each bracelet.

Katogo Bracelets-$7These bracelets are multi-colored and have beads of multi-sizes. The beads are small in size.

3 Strand Bracelets-$18
These bracelets are made of 3 connected strands of beads. The beads are small and equal in size and of the same color in each bracelet.

Band Bracelets-$18
These bracelets are made with long, skinny beads. Each bracelet has 2-4 colors in a beautiful design.


  1. So if you had a free minute and wanted to let Eric know that I really like the band bracelets in either purple, aqua or hot pink (surprise me!)that would be OK with me. ;-)I have a birthday coming up . . . in August!

  2. I definitely will pass the info along ;)