Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy life

I feel smack in the middle of adoption craziness now! We have so much going on. Our dossier is finished--just waiting (still) on that darn home study. She needs one letter. According to her today, when that letter gets to her, she will have the home study the next day. Pray the letter comes asap. We will then ship our home study off to immigration for that final piece of paper we need to submit to our country. We are so close. Just need that letter!!

On the fundraising front, we have a cut and color giveaway and a handmade wool soaker giveaway going on. We also are still selling coffee and thirty-one products. We are going to start selling the most awesome t-shirts ever soon. I am going to do an online/in-person bead party Jan. 30 and a couponing class on Feb. 20. We are also working on a huge benefit for the end of Feb. This is so exciting if it all works out. It will involve a yard sale, a carnival of sorts, free concerts, booths for vendors, and lots of food. Wow--what a huge ball of stress, but it will be such a huge blessing. Look for more details soon.

On the get ready front, we are working on our language skills (ok, so it is pretty bad-I'm too old to learn a new language! but I am trying!) and studying up on attachment and the adjustment Grace and Malachi will go through when we bring them home. I can't wait for that day! Malachi's bday is coming up and it is so hard to not be able to hug my little man on his day. We are lining up resources and support for the transition our family will go through. The kids are so excited about the entire process. They have always been apart of our plan to adopt and have been a huge encouragment for us to go for it now.

We are also celebrating the news that 2 families connected to us have now committed to adopt!! It is their news to tell, so I am not sharing names, but praise God! 2 more lives saved! I have spent major time celebrating this news. I have also heard that 2 more children at Grace and Malachi's orphanage have a committed family. Those kids are so close to my heart. I have cried over and prayed over their pictures for months. What amazing news!

Abigail, I so wish you were here to meet your newest siblings. I am sure you would be trying to find a way to boss them around like you do the rest of us. We miss you and always will. I hope we are making you proud by the choices we are making. Your marker should arrive soon baby girl. I am praying over and pondering how to approach your birthday this year. I know there will be lots of pink balloons for you no matter how the day ends up. You are always on my heart and on my mind.

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