Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Hope Project--how you can help!

If you are local...We are planning a huge event to fundraise our adoptions. This event will be a yard sale, but we will also have free live music, family-friendly activities, food vendors, a variety of businesses with booths, giveaways/prizes/auctions, and lots of fun! We hope to make this event an annual thing which will raise money to donate to adopting families, but also to donate to the church's mission program that is hosting the event. We need lots of help! These are the specific things we need. I know there are a lot of things here, but please read to the end to see if there is some area we need that you might know about. Please let me know how you can help!

1. First priority!! We need a location!! We have a couple of locations in the works, but nothing definite. To be able to advertise (we have some great opportunities open to us for advertising!), we need to be able to be specific. We are looking at Feb. 26th. If you know of a location we could hold a yard sale, concert, festival type of event, please let me know as soon as possible!!

2. We need volunteers to work the yard sale

3. We need donations for the yard sale. Please send these already tagged with reasonable prices. It would be best if you could drop these off the day before the event at the location, but if you need to drop them off early, please contact me.

4. We are looking for businesses wanting to advertise in a booklet to be handed out at the event. More details available if you are interested.

5. We are looking for business to set up booths to sell and share about their services. A booth is $25. Contact me if you are interested.

6. We are looking for bouncy houses, snow cones, fun for famililes type of activities. Contact me if you have these available.

7. We need people who can help us find advertisers for the event, business who want to advertise with us, food donations from local grocery stores, and donations to be given away at the event.

8. We will be pre selling bbq from the fabulous Eric Jackson. Info coming soon about how to put your order in.

9. We need someone willing to help us manage the giveaways/door prizes/silent auctions we will be running.

10. And we need to advertise! If you have contacts with newspapers, radio, tv, etc, please hook us up!

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