Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm still here!

I am still here! I know I have been MIA for a little while. Sorry about that. Life has been out of control crazy (as usual!). We had a wonderful response to our bead party last weekend. I still have some beautiful pieces, so if you missed it, you still have an opportunity to buy some beautiful Ugandan jewelry. Email me!

We are also in the middle of planning a big fundraiser. The Hope Project is Feb. 26th for anyone local. It will feature 3 bands, a yard sale, food, inflatables, vendor booths, and lots of fun. Come and support us anytime that day 7-3 at Oak Mountain Presbyterian (who is generously letting us use their facilities! thanks!!) Preorder BBQ on my sidebar!

On top of that, we are promised our home study before Thursday--yay! We will get it shipped out to immigration as soon as we get it and then...wait some more. That is the last step though before all our paperwork is shipped off to Eastern Europe. Malachi is turning 3 and we are so ready to go meet him and Grace!

I am also in the middle of placement season with exchange students. Let me know if you are interested in hosting! We have some great kids needing to be placed for next school year.

And then I am teaching a few classes again to fundraise. Wow, I wasn't expecting that to be the emotional drain it has been. One of the neatest students I have taught so far died a couple of weeks ago. It was completely unexpected and put me into emotional shock. I am devastated for his family and friends and so wish I had the opportunity to know him more than the 2 classes I taught him. It was strange to return to class and have him missing. Life is so short. I can't say that enough.

In many ways, we feel like we are on a march back through the last months of Abigail's life now that we are in February. Please wrap us in prayer as we prepare to celebrate her life again in April, but without her for the first time. The ache is still so painful 10 months later. I hope we are making you proud my sweet passionate girl.

I have also been spending a lot of time helping others with homeschooling, as well as advocating for orphans. I am constantly amazed and the variety of people God puts in my life to encourage me and that I get to encourage.

Ok, that should catch you up on how I have been spending my last couple of weeks. I have lots of blogs I have started and never had a chance to finish. I have several issues I am thinking about and trying to sort through. I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Stay tuned!


  1. Staying tuned here! Your life is so full of ways to bless others. I have been thinking a lot about you and these next few months preparing for Abigail's birthday. Know that it breaks my heart to watch you go through this time. I hope to be of some help to you some way. Much love!

  2. Such energy in your posts - it's like watching whitewater, with the deep currents underneath, the whitecaps on top, the occasional rocks and eddies. It is wonderful to see the progress y'all are making toward the adoptions, how much your including others in the process, and also so heartbreaking to think of an important year marker approaching. Sending all of you love. . .

  3. I haven't replied to your email, but wanted to tahnk you again for reaching out to me. God is good and I am so looking forward to seeing what He has in store for all of us!

  4. SO excited for you that you are getting so close to getting your two new little ones! It will go fast! And I LOVE that you did the bead fundraiser! Hope you are doing well -- you are on my heart and in my prayers as you move through these next few months. Be encouraged that God is doing something really amazing through you and your family!

    Corbett :)

  5. Brandy, I am so glad to find your blog! We live in Birmingham and have adopted two boys through RR and we are now adopting a girl. Your family is beautiful. Your courage is amazing. I would love to bring my family to your fundraiser and meet you in person. Please add me as a friend on FB if you have an account and I will add you to our Alabama RR Families page.

    Jolie Robinson Harris

  6. Jolie- I would love to meet you in person if your family makes it to my fundraiser on the 26th! I just friend requested you on fb.

    And thanks all! Your support means so much to us. Our home study is finished! Just need the sw to notarize it so it can be put in the mail.