Friday, February 25, 2011

Why go there?

We've been asked, why go across the world? Why not adopt here? My first knee-jerk reaction to this question is to say to the individual, "wow, how wonderful you are adopting domestically!! how many children are you adopting?" But most of the time, the truth is, those people are not doing anything to help children-here or otherwise. Distraction is a way to ease that conviction in one's own life.

But the less snarky answer is, while there are many, many reasons why God calls different people to different types of adoptions, and I strongly believe that ALL children need families-domestic and international (I'm praying for that day!!), the short answer for our family is


These are the children God has called our family to. I will go to wherever in the world they are. I will climb mountains and swim oceans for these two. My children happen to be in Eastern Europe. They are not lacking any value because they were born across the world. ALL children deserve families and love, even if they were not born here. God loves ALL equally.

And the truth is, if we all stepped up, there wouldn't be children waiting on families--not in our community OR in those countries around the world which are suffering from poverty unimaginable to us in our cushy, comfortable lives-whether that be in Africa, Asia, or Eastern Europe. If your heart is in domestic foster care or adoption, I am happy to help you get started in that process! I have researched it extensively, and I am positive God will lead us down that path one day. At this point though, we are just trying to hang on for the ride He has us on, and to live sacrifically for His purposes, while aching to hold our two children across the sea that we love even though we have never met. What child are you helping?


  1. love you and amen!!!
    and..get em, mama! xoxo

  2. Awesome post. Thank you!

  3. Did someone just say "widows and orphans?" That's all I could hear! ;-) Love you Brandy!

  4. widows and orphans! and I am totally supportive of your domestic adoption dreams aren't I? Just working on that husband of yours...

  5. Timothy! hehehe Awesome post Brandy! I can't wait until the day that you hold your sweeties!!

  6. I was gonna say exactly what Kate already did!! Love you and amen!! You rock! <3

  7. Whoop there it is! :D Love it!

    We also researched domestic and even attended a class about it. But you can't fight where you are called. It was clear to us that domestic was not His purpose for us.

  8. Holla!!

    God's forgotten children are everywhere.


  9. Because of all this, I'm starting to research foster care. I think God called you guys to this for many many reasons. Our whole family is so proud of you guys and we are eager to meet our new cousins!