Monday, February 21, 2011

Those darn trees

If you are local, but even if you are not, you might have heard about the disgusting and ridiculous poisoning of the famous trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn. I have to say, my first thought was-does this guy not have something better to do with his time?! Seriously?! To drive all the way to Auburn and covertly poison a few trees, and then take the time to call into a radio show to broadcast it. Wow, I really feel sorry for him if that is his life. Read the crazy story here if you don't know about this.

But as the evening went on and then the next day, and all I could see everywhere was this story, my pity shifted from just this individual but to the whole state. Seriously?! This is what gets us upset? This is what causes "outrage?" I woke up grieving as always, reached quickly for my phone to head off the panic attack, and all I see are people ranting and raving over trees. If you aren't local, I'm not exaggerating. Out of my entire friend's list on facebook, maybe one or two status updates were not about the trees.

Ok, I get that these trees were a big part of your school's traditions. I get that they are history. I love history. I do. I went around the world to study it. But the emotional impact these people had to these trees was a bit ridiculous. To have people drive from all over the state to be with the trees. To have people calling for the death of the individual responsible. To have people spew hatred about the other school because of some wacko. Seriously?!

Now, on top of that, truly news-worthy information, stories that deserve this level of action, attention, and outrage, get very little. A news story about children dying from around the world because of abuse, neglect, poverty...well that's sad, but the trees dying, now that demands action.

We are facing a catastrophic crisis in the world today. 147 million orphans. This crisis will directly impact each of your lives. These children will grow up and age out of the system. They will not have been loved. They will not have been taught how to be productive members of society. All the cards will be stacked against them. Then 147 million individuals will be put out on the streets. These kids are hurting, dying now whether you see them or not. They are out there waiting, needing you, whether you want to help or not.

Where is the humanity in the world that those children receive very little reaction and outrage, but those darn trees get so much attention and action? It is time that we step up. It is time we ACT. It is time that we give these kids the energy and sacrifice they deserve. I'm not saying don't love your football, or your school, or your trees. I'm just saying love these kids as well. Fight for them as well. Follow what you are commanded to do and show your outrage for them. Care for them. Feed them. Clothe them. Do something that really matters with your time. In all honesty, you can drive down to Auburn and hug on those trees all you want, but quite likely they will just die anyway. If you offer that affection to one of these children so desperately needing it, you could make the actual difference between life and death. Human life.


  1. I almost de-friended some people over this! People really need to get their priorities straight!

  2. While I am a very strong supporter of Auburn (and of the Toomer's trees), I am also an advocate of the orphans. It is very unfair and wrong that these children don't receive more attention, I still love my Tigers ;)
    Please know that we are joining in on the fight - for you and of others who are fighting to bring their families together.
    I have shared your site and the Hope Project on my FB site.
    Thinking of you!
    Your Birmingham neighbor,
    Katie B

  3. Appreciating your blog... I think that for most folks, thinking about the orphan crisis is simply too overwhelming. (And perhaps, too convicting.) The trees seem like something that could actually be addressed by a community. And unfortunately, it seems that the plight of the fatherless looms so big that it is only addressed one or two kiddos at a time by a family like yours. Blessings as you continue the journey, and continue to educate and advocate.