Thursday, December 16, 2010


You all have been so amazing. The support we have felt--through grief and through adoption--is so much more than I could have ever thought possible. With each donation that comes in, no matter the size, my family has felt amazement, blessing, but also burden. We know that times are tough and this is a season of very stretched budget, but you have made sacrifices to help us ransom a little girl's life. When I say ransom, I mean just that. You are helping to literally save her life. We are beyond thankful and very aware of the responsibility of these gifts you have given us. Adoption is an expensive road. We have complete faith that God will provide the needed financing. We can not just sit by and do nothing while children wait. There are so many waiting. So many without hope. So many hurting. Thank you so much for helping us spread a little of Abigail's HOPE.

Consider making a difference in the life of a waiting child this holiday season. There are so many wonderful organizations out there--help sponsor a specific orphan for a year, host an orphan for a month in the summer or over Christmas, or give to families adopting. Help us bring those children home. Go get them yourselves! I am happy to help if you feel moved to do any of those things. We can't just sit and wait. We have to act. Just ask me about the life of an orphan in our little girl's country and you will see why they can't wait. No, you can not solve the orphan crisis yourself, but you can make all the difference in the life of one. What is the value of one changed life? Is it worth a little sacrifice?


  1. Loved this! You have inspired me so much, Brandy. I am always telling people about orphans now. Everywhere I go, I tell people to read your blog and send you money so you can save your daughter. I cannot adopt, but I am inspired to help those who can. Money should never stand in the way of saving someone's life and although I don't have much, I want to help so badly. I wish I had a million dollars to give away. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help. It is truly a blessing. After your adoption is finished, I plan on continuing to give directly to families like yours, hopefully helping them bring their babies home.

  2. I just love my friends! You guys are so selfless and inspiring! I mean where else would you hear the phrase "I wish I had a million dollars TO GIVE AWAY"? Brandy, your family continues to be on the forefront of my mind.

  3. Well said Mandy and Kathy! Brandy, you continue to be an inspiration to me!